Modular Barrister Bookcase System

Barrister bookcases have long been associated with the legal profession because they were found in practically every law office in the early 1900s. These glass-enclosed cases kept important legal volumes dust-free and also added quite a sophisticated presence to the office setting. However, you don't have to be a barrister to enjoy the versatility and craftsmanship of this bookcase. They fit beautifully in any traditional interior setting — perfect for medical books, family encyclopedias, rare book collections... even a great way to display treasured collectibles.


  • Manufactured with the same quality "turn of the century" materials and construction as when they were first produced.
  • Solid brass doorknobs with scissor hinging mechanism that enables you to open and close doors with one hand.
  • Optional section locking assembly is also available
  • 2 different sized bookshelf modules (with or without glass doors), double drawer module, posting desk, legs and top complete the collection. Mix and match to your specifications!

Product Dimensions:

  • Overall Dimensions: 11.25"D x 34.25"W x (see below)"H
Modular Barrister
Bookcase System
68A213 medium section w/ solid door (12.25"H)
68A413 high section w/ solid door (14.25"H)
68A112 medium section w/ glass door (12.25"H)
68A114 high section w/ glass door (14.25"H)
68A121 double drawer (12.25"H)
68A123 posting shelf (2"H)
68A82 barrister top (3"H)
68A73 leg base (7.25"H)

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